Date Recovery & Erasing


HDD/SSD Erasing

Worried about identity theft or data loss?

Got old computers or hard drives lying about gathering dust?

Then let Tech Supplies help.

We can securely wipe any sata hard drive from just £19.90 to give you piece of mind that your data won’t fall into the wrong hands. Each drive is subject to a three pass erase procedure that meet the requirements of the US Department of Defence DoD (5220.22-M) standards. If it’s secure enough for the US Government it should be secure enough for you!

Data Recovery

We can recover data on most HDD/SSD/Flash drive or Memory Card. Starting from £35 per 1TB our specialised software will dig deep into your drives and recover everything it can find.

Data Recovery on dead drives:

If your drive is dead and our software can’t recover the data we recommend using Kroll Ontrack